Anywhere Learner Mobile

Lifelong learning in the palm of your hand

It is a challenge to develop leaders when they are operating at great speeds while juggling competing demands and priorities. At the same time, developing people is becoming a vital necessity, for businesses to compete in volatile and uncertain times. Sify addresses these challenges by taking training solutions mobile and integrating training into daily work.

The App That Feeds Your Brain

Anywhere Learner is an easy-to-use web-based mobile application that works on any mobile device. It is an effective and affordable way to access training concepts, ideas, strategies and tips that drive high performance among your employees – all in the palm of their hands.

What Anywhere Learner Mobile Delivers

  • Maximizes your training investment – The application makes the most of mobile technology by providing easily accessible summaries and overviews of your organization’s training content.
  • Reinforces and extends your training – Additional new content, ideas and best practices allow your employees to extend their understanding and apply concepts on-the-job.
  • Builds focused action plans for continuous improvement – The application provides techniques and suggestions that can be personalized so employees can apply these concepts to their business on a daily basis.
  • Built-in content management system – Add and update content easily through the built-in content management system.
  • Provides exposure to content experts through Twitter integration and podcasts – Your employees can access the latest tips, watch-outs and innovative ideas from subject matter experts.
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